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Get access to any file in your smartphone


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Root Explorer is a really useful app that offers you unlimited access to the entire file system of any Android smartphone.

Whether you want to free up space on your smartphone’s memory by getting rid of unused hidden files or you want to access a more complete file managing system than the one that your smartphone offers, Root Explorer can meet all of your needs and then some. From the intuitive interface, you can search for specific files by name or size, work on different tabs simultaneously or export any document using popular platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Box.

The most interesting feature Root Explorer offers is that for all the other features you don’t need to perform a rooting to your smartphone. Using Root Explorer will be as simple as installing the APK and you can start browsing the insides of your smartphone with total freedom.

Get absolute control of the entire file system of your smartphone and access any document, no matter how hidden it is in your smartphone with Root Explorer.
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